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Do you want to be confident every single day?
This is the perfect step by step process created for YOU!
Are you asking yourself these questions?

How do I become confident?

How do I build self confidence?

How do I calm my anxiety?

How do I be more positive?

How do I remove negative thoughts?

Introducing the
ADVANCED Speak Confidence Course

Remove that inner critic, be accountable for your actions and learn how to turn your life around for the better!

This course includes:

Live Coaching (£999 VALUE): Get 5 x 60 minutes sessions with me!

How To Create Postive Change (£299 VALUE): Indulge in success. Achieve a sense of accomplishment. Rewire your way of thinking!

How To Boost Your Self Esteem (£299 VALUE): Reflect and nuture your values and beliefs. Cultivate new habits!

How To Love Yourself (£299 VALUE): Nourish your mind and soul. Reviltalise yourself. Find the new you!

How To Discover Your Mojo (£299 VALUE): Get back to doing what you love. Take small steps to start a new routine!

BONUS 1 (£197 VALUE): Unlimited Offline Email Support between sessions

BONUS 2 (£99 VALUE): Full Workbook And Presentation Slides

It would be life changing if you could ...
  • Who is this for?
    This is for anyone who needs to boost their confidence. Everyone loses their confidence from time to time and it's my job to help you find that confidence you've lost.
  • How do I know if this course is right for me?
    You are stuck in a rut, you don't feel motivated to do anything. There's more than one aspect in your personal or work life that is bugging you and you're not sure how to sort it out. You don't feel that you are good enough. Whatever you seem to do, it's never right. You are afraid of letting people down. You either take on all the work to keep yourself busy or you ignore everything until your stress/anxiety is under control. Whenever people say something negative, you think it's about you. You keep looking back in the past and have regrets in life.

    If any of this sounds like you, this is the right course for you!
  • I'm scared and not sure if I should take the leap?
    I was exactly in your shoes a while ago. It's okay to feel aprehensive especially working with a stranger. I wouldn't be offering this course, if I hadn't gone through the emotions you are feeling now.

    But think about the end results of doing this course. You could change your whole life around in 3 weeks! And I will be there to support you all the way.
  • Can I have more than 3 x 60 minutes?
    This package is 3 sessions only. But if you buy this course, at the end of the checkout you will have the option to upgrade 2 extra sessions for just £130, to the Professional Speak Confidence course, which consists of 5 sessions.
WHo is the creator behind this course?

Hi I'm Emily Lee! This course took me over 3 months to put together...

Fun Facts About Me 

Voice Coach at Speaking Voices

Have been on screen and on stage as an Actor (still am!)

Have 3 degrees, BA, MA and PGCE

Love travelling and have been to over 14 countries

Love Costa hot chocolate

My mission is to help as many people be confident with speaking


I have changed so much! I was really anxious before and now I've learnt to be more confident within myself! ​


Digital Marketer

Wow, the confidence I have gained in a short space of time is unbelievable. I'm looking forward immensely to another session.


Theatre Director

I am thrilled with the results. I use the exercises that Emily gives me everyday. It changes my focus and sets me up for each day.


A Recap Of Everything That's Included

3 x 60 Minute Sessions 

Live Coaching 1 : 1

Complete Step By Step Process 

Honest Feedback And Guidance 

Workbook And Powerpoint Presentation

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Want Face To Face Sessions?

Special one-time offer, only £99 !
If you live in London Zone 1 - 6 then this is a perfect deal for you! Work with me, enhance your learning and spend quality in-person time together!

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  • 1xAdvanced Speak Confidence£250

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